Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mankind, We've Only Just Begun // After Death

So the question remains: Why in God's name would anyone ever want to believe in a "heaven?" After all, it is a bit limiting. In fact, it may be the most restrictive idea to have ever crossed the mass mind-field of mankind. Who thought it was such a good idea to invent such an idealized version of our current world? Why this place where our present form takes wings and lives eternally in peace, surrounded by love, warmth, and protection?

It all makes sense if you take the frame out a bit and look at the big picture...

Mankind is a relatively young species
Although the data is debatable, archaic Homo sapiens only evolved between 250,000 and 400,000 years ago, branching off from their chimpanzee common ancestors around 5-7 million years ago.

But there's no reason to get scientific - truth doesn't hold values and numbers. Those things are made up, more or less. It's just safe to say that we ANIMAL humans today didn't emerge from mud and weren't magically created a few thousand years ago. Our ANIMAL ancestors struggled and evolved for millennia to get us to where we're at today. Believing anything else not only contradicts the facts, it undermines and mocks everything we are, have been, and will be.

So what's the point to this young species business?

It means this: we're liable to make a lot of mistakes.

All these gadgets, and cars, and tall buildings, and satellites, and laptops... things like the internet, and phones, and cable have us thinking we've really made it far, that we, as a species, have really made something of ourselves. The problem is: we're young. I mean really, we're basically babies, little toddlers full of a lot of foolish pride. We like to think we're special. Hell, the religious think we're created in the IMAGE OF GOD. I mean, huhh???

Even without getting into the whole "God" thing, this stuff just doesn't hold up. We are animals. We are nearly identical to other mammals and share a ton of things in common with even the most lowly of creatures - from a beating heart, to a form that senses the world around it. We weren't made in anyone's image, we just came to be. And, yes, we are still animals.

So what's this say? Well first you really have to soak it up, I mean really soak it up. You are an animal. You scratch your furry head. You go after sex. You shit. You piss. You feel emotions: anger, fear, happiness, depression, pride, hurt... the list goes on and on. But you must really, really understand this. You aren't some heavenly creature ordained by "God." You aren't even necessarily some master species. You are, simply, an animal. Once you have enough humility to accept that, you're getting somewhere. But this means you have to throw everything out the window. It means no Heaven. It means you are equal to a cow and a slug, at least in the eyes of nature.

You see from the first day we enter this world we start rapidly taking things in, comprehending them. The senses are flying and we just can't get enough. It's almost too much to handle - so we sleep a lot.

And as the years go by we begin to get so used to things and accept them as fact. We completely block out the reality that we're living in an infinite universe and just kind do the human thing, play the human game.

Not that there's anything wrong with this, of course. But it is true. Everything - and I mean everything you do - is just natural, and a part of it in the broad scheme of things.
That's also what you must realize:
In a sense, you have no control.
Almost everything you do is predetermined by the universe. Not to sound out there or crazy - it's not like the universe is literally pulling some strings that are connected to your hands... but in a way, it is.

You see, EVERYTHING IS NATURAL. That's what psychedelics teach you. They teach you that everything, everything... EVERYTHING is going on around you and you don't even realize it. You can't escape this sort of natural drive, so in a way things are predetermined. You can't escape it because you are in a natural world and a natural universe that is immediately finite. That's not to say that it's...
ALL finite...
but that you're immediate surroundings ARE FINITE, and thus you are restricted and controlled by that. It's inescapable. But if it were escapable, reality would be madness.
So some things are necessary...

BUT to really take the ride,
you've got to leave
at the door...

Become a baby - that's right, a baby
Not "You," not the you, you've come to know,
you know the one:
the black, white, brown, yellow, or whatever one...
the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic...
the one that prefers cold pasta, the one that prefers warm soup...

you've got to leave it ALL BEHIND
you've got to BECOME
before we can really get this show on the road...
In his essay "Nature," Emerson talks about becoming
A ~ Transparent ~ Eyeball
^ That's what you have to become...

all labels, all notions, all "this is what I ams"
have to disappear

Of course, you have to realize you'll still be "you,"
but you can't get attached to that image in the mirror.
You can't say that image in the mirror is "me"
because it's not.

That image in the mirror will be dead in 100 years.
"You" will not be.

So let's really get "You" out of the way, shall we?

YOU are not YOU
YOU are a little blip of life that emerged in a
All identities you identify with were GIVEN
to YOU by other YOUS (or other "Mes")

You are an animal, you are natural.
You are no better than a fish and no less than the most
evolved species in our vast, vast universe.

All are natural and all just came to be. Some think they're
better than others because they have bigger BRAINS or bigger BICEPS
or something... but no matter what, we will all DIE, and the sooner
you accept that, the sooner you can really get LIVING.

Just look around. You are living in madness.
We are literally living in a world of natural madness. Some like to show off their big BRAINS
others like to show off their big BOOBS or big BICEPS or big this or that
but it's all HUMAN, it's all part of this natural game that's going on -
and all those things are just naturally occurring parts that have been given

Of course, this all may seem obvious. But to truly SEE it and truly ACCEPT it
is a big step in the process. It really means that
you can't take anything seriously, but also must take everything seriously.
Just like a baby.
A baby can't really take anything seriously because it hasn't learned to put value
to things, to really understand the worth that we humans have assigned to this or that.
But at the same time a baby paradoxically (never forget, the universe works in paradoxes)
takes everything seriously. It's the first one to cry and freak out when something goes wrong.

So you're in a body. You've FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING
mom, dad, police officer, government official, media, teacher, professor, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, friend, lover, religious leader, yoga teacher, mad scientist, musician, artist, writer, businessman, athlete, stranger, carpenter, prophet, sage, truck driver, taxi driver, sailor, army man, fisherman, congress, senator, spokesman, propagandist, flyer holder, toll collector at the booth, etc., etc., etc.
and you are that little, strange, perceiving creature
at the speed of NATURE.

Nothing is taken seriously. And nothing is taken for granted.

You don't have to play that human game anymore. Why would you? Why believe what they told you? They're just as human, just as ignorant, just as clueless, just as confused


Why believe them? Because mommy said so? Because Mr. Pastor said it was oh, so true? Some decades ago you weren't even here, and now you're going take everything these crazy humans tell you SERIOUSLY???


There were no prophets, there is no big, perfect government system that can control you, there is no media that can manipulate you...

You've seen beyond their shit, way beyond it.
You are:


It may sound crazy? But, really, is anything they told you that reliable?

They were babies once, and now they're just spewing the same shit their
mom, dad, police officer, government official, media, teacher, professor, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, friend, lover, religious leader, yoga teacher, mad scientist, musician, artist, writer, businessman, athlete, stranger, carpenter, prophet, truck driver, taxi driver, sailor, army man, fisherman, congress, senator, spokesman, propagandist, flyer holder, toll collector at the booth


It's really not that hard to see beyond. Of course, it's not that you can't trust anyone.
That would also be insane...
After all, we're all in it together...

But when a cop says you did this yadayada
or you're breaking this yadayada
Or a preacher says you're going here when you die
if you do this

They are full of CRAP. (with all due respect)

You have to be that paradoxical baby, looking out at this strange human species,
and thinking what in the hell is going on?


Because it makes life FUN!
and it's HOW THINGS ARE...

so no matter what situation you're in
It's all a part of this giant ride that just is on continuos -
millions and millions and millions (multiply this by infinity)
lives just playing a part, playing along.

It's not that that police officer or that pastor is out to destroy your universal destiny
or anything....
he or she is also just along for the ride.
They've just forgotten
that it's A RIDE,
that you can't take things THAT SERIOUSLY
... they've been around too long... you know?


As we grow up our minds get full of so much shit (SO MUCH SHIT!)
that we FORGET that we know NOTHING

Drop your pride for a second.

People get so trapped in their crap:
I'm a Republican, I'm a Democrat
I'm a Christian, I'm a Hindu
I'm a fried rice lover, I'm a hot dog lover.

And they take that all the way to their grave!

They start to believe that THEY actually ARE a FRIED RICE LOVER
and that's it!

Well that's fine and dandy, but when death comes knocking at your door,
it may be a shock when you realize that you've identified yourself
so much as a fried rice lover that you've forgotten you're everything else too!
And then dying is a bitch because you think, shit, "I the fried rice lover
am going to die! How is this possible?"

You're not going to die, because you were
never a fried rice lover in the first place!
you were never the Christian
or the Democrat
or EVEN the HUMAN.

You were just another manifested form of the universe
consciously experiencing itself for the sake of EXPERIENCING

There's no point to it, you're not chasing after anything.
You'll experience hard times again and you'll experience good times again.
But either way you will experience again!

The idea of the spirit was made up by prideful humans who needed to give
themselves something to do...

You are not any better than a slug.
In fact, you've probably been a slug and will be one again.
That's life. It's unfathomable!

"How can I be here enjoying my favorite beverage - spiked root beer on the rocks -
and typing on the net and watching my favorite show and then suddenly die and
become a slug?" you say


It might be scary, hell, it might be unfathomable!
But just look around! Someone has to be those slugs, someone has to be that guy with a bad disease or those people being bombed... and the insects and animals... someone has to be the ant, and the fly, and the goat.

They aren't just magically dancing around while you get to experience the universe
uniquely in your oh-so-special human form!

Why? Because ... (another paradox coming here)

(just like you!)

Get it?
You are a part of it. You are dancing around just like that slug! Magically!
It's called life! And there's no explanation for it! There's no God behind it, no soul
controlling "you." Just a bunch of unanimous forms taking shape and then dying off
You are the snail and the snail is you.
The snail will most likely be human one day (though he won't know he was a snail once)
and you will most likely be a snail one day (though you won't know you were a human once)
You'll be too busy BEING WHAT YOU ARE!

Sometimes you'll get to be really savvy forms like humans,
other times not so cool forms like a cow about to be slaughtered...
it's all just a balancing game,

and remember this:
it has to be that way.

Because the Universe is too big for it not to be that way.
Just look around! 8)

The Universe is bigger than we can
imagine with our centered brains.
It's simply impossible.
Think how peculiar the moment is.
That is, you sitting there on the net, drinking your spiked root beer and complaining about
some sports team.
What is sitting?
What is the net?
What is drinking?
What is spiked?
What is root beer?
What is complaining?
What are sports?
What is team?
What .... is?

We've LEARNED everything. We're playing THE GAME.

There's nothing wrong with that -
and yet there is...
You see, if you take the game seriously
then there's something deeply wrong with it.

And what's that you say??

if you're busy taking the game too seriously,

If you take life too seriously, you're not enjoying it.
You have to take the good and the bad, and look at them all from this sort of
"out there" POV,
you have to become that baby... you have to play life
like a video game, a very real video game,
but one you can enjoy, and one that is COMPLETELY REAL
and serious,
but not (more paradoxes).

Play the part, be human. But never take it completely seriously.

Never say things like "God created me in his form."

^ Because that's a bunch of bullshit. Things just happen for life's sake.
There's no "God" asking anything from anyone...
if "God" is anything, it's Nature,
and Nature only asks you to
... and reproduce some more, so even more can

You see, you could say you loosely have a soul.
That is, you'll never remember being who YOU are NOW
once you die.
Because you won't be you anymore.
Who knows what you'll be... the possibilities are endless...

the UNIVERSE is endless and completely manipulatable...
that is we can shape it how we like.
Just think about a flat screen TV or a laptop,
who thought - 150, 200, or 1000 years ago - that that would have ever
been possible???

And now we just sort of shaped it into existence using Nature - the ultimate
shaper and mover of things. Now it's everyday. We don't think twice about it.
That's what life is, that's what nature is. Tons of life taking different forms,
endless forms, impossible forms that somehow at the end of the day
are completely possible.

Life is a contradiction.
Life is a paradox.
Life is endless.
And this is why life is beautiful.
If you understood life it would lose its magic.

And getting back to the beginning of this post ---
that is why HEAVEN is an ABSURD notion.


Why would anyone want to believe there was a place where their current
form would be rewarded by being stuck in some floating reality of eternal bliss...
that's too easy to be reality. It's too human-made.

The Universe is vast... why undermine it with such notions as Heaven?
The Universe is more than any made up "Heaven" could ever be - so much so
that our human minds will never truly understand its vastness.
It is just that big, that unbelievable. Why spoil its TRULY endless possibilities with something so contrived as "Heaven."

I understand there will be times of pain and death and horror... but the times of true beauty and magnificence, bounded among the significance of the second - THAT IS LIFE.

You will have good! You will have bad! Fuck a promised heaven!

But really, it is like that.

Heaven is an idealized view made up by HUMAN ANIMALS of an IDEALIZED WORLD in which they LIVE. Nothing more, nothing less. You are in this reality, and your human ideas form and manifest from it - heaven included.

And the notion of Heaven is wrong because it teaches people to live for a tomorrow that does not exist, when they should be:

^^^ Right now DOES exist, just take a look outside! (listen to the birds tweet)

It really is that simple.
This is why the people most likely to be swayed to believe in "Heaven"
tend to be those who are currently
impoverished, downtrodden, depressed, hopeless, lost, scarred, etc.
(and that is a sizable portion of the human race, in fact everyone fits in there somewhere)

want something better than the (perceived) tragic reality that has been given to them.
But reality doesn't have to be tragic if you embrace and accept it.
You don't have to create an idealized, made-up view of our world
to pretend you're going to inhabit after you die.

And why treat Nature like it's the middle man? Or like it's the bad guy or something?

Nature isn't an other.
Reality isn't an other.
Mankind isn't an other.
The universe isn't an other.

It is you, it is now, it is here.
You are 100% a part of it, and you always will be.
You can't deny that.
You can fight it til the day you die, but you can't deny it.

It has given you everything and it will take that everything away
only to give you ...
It gave you the ability to believe in a Heaven in the first place!

That is life. That is its purpose. More life!
And it's unique, all unique!

It's the idea that all but one sperm don't make it to the egg.
That one that did is unique. It is completely and utterly singular and original and will
never be again! And the other sperm? They're already busy trying somewhere else...

You see, we, as individuals, are both unique and completely insignificant.

A little snail on a log to 99.9999999999% of the universe is completely insignificant.
There is nothing like that little snail anywhere else out there in INFINITY.
THAT SNAIL will only be on THAT LOG at THAT PLACE in THAT TIME once. And will never be again. It is literally a picture-perfect uniqueness that is unimaginable.

It is the picture worth a thousand words. And you...
You ... are that snail.
To 99.9999999999% of Earth you are insignificant.
To the bankers you are just $$$
To the war chiefs you are just another 1 casualty
But to you you are everything and more - you are your dreams and your goals,
your memories and your hopes!

You are everything and nothing!
The diamond in the rough!

That is life and it is that little snail TIMES INFINITY.

It is unimaginable.

And that is why people invent Heavens
that is why people drink themselves into oblivion
that is why people shoot up heroin
or consume their MINDS with
conspiracy theories
what to do next
what I did 10 years ago
political parties
etc, etc, etc, times infinity

People are just so taken aback by the enormity of it all
that they have to put their minds to other things--
way, way too much shit!

So why not, I don't know...
turn off your mind?!

Once you turn off your mind..
once you stop trying to be

Once you STOP all that MIND GAME BULL SHIT

you are truly

you come to realize that in an infinite universe ANYTHING is possible
and that eventually those things will come to you.
It's not that you can't try for those things. It's just that you can't take them seriously,
you can't put your entire life on the line for them.
You have to realize it's sort of a game, sort of a joke - but not at the same time.
It is very real. And as of today, it is you.

That's how it is:

But it makes sense.

Infinity isn't just some word.

Just take a look here:

That's NASA's Astronomy pictures of the day, going all the way back to 1995.

That vastness isn't something the "devil" put there to trick us into forgetting about
Jesus or "God" or something...


That vastness isn't some kind of imaginary image. It's not a big screen above our everyday reality.


Completely and entirely REAL and you are in it.

Scientists generally theorize that


That is, the Universe we know has boundaries to it.
But THE Universe in its entirety (including all possibilities that we have not yet discovered) is


It is generally accepted that WE WILL NEVER KNOW how BIG IT IS.

It is impossible. All the evolutionary states we could possibly reach will never take us that far.


No space ship will travel those absurd distances.

It's the idea of the moving horizon, you just
(but that's a good thing, to reach it - to know it - would ruin it! If it has no meaning, that defeats the purpose...)



So accept that this little YOU is unique among this vastness
but never, NEVER


Because it goes like this...

We aren't traveling spirits or something.
We aren't spirits controlling a physical form.
We aren't going to continue seeing things or experiencing things the second after
we die.


So what's that mean?

It means you were LITERALLY born into this body.
That is you emerged kind of like a robot does when it is "born" into this world by his scientist "father" of sorts.

You are like a machine that awakes, perceives/lives, and then DIES.

You are chemical reactions and physical properties, you aren't some invisible
being on some higher mission taking control of a body...
you just ARE


Memorize that, take it to heart.
and thus...

You are a human one day, you die, and who knows what you'll emerge as next...

Honestly, could you have ever imagined in a million years
(that is, if you had the ability to imagine before birth)
that you'd end up as you?!


The Universe is entirely random.
Any mission or spiritual goal anyone ever says you're on
is probably made up,
probably a lie
it's that simple.

People just can't absorb the enormity of it,
they don't want to accept it - the randomness that is -
it's too vast, to limitless.
The possibilities are just too far out there.


Who knows what you'll be next?
The Universe is infinite and immeasurable
and thus what you'll be is immeasurable.

I mean, what the hell are you now anyway?

What the fuck is a human being?

Just a bunch of fancy words in reality...

You may be a shrew next, or a worm, or a spider... or something

It's fairly scary - that's natural -
but just because it's frightening or incomprehensible
doesn't mean you should write it off or turn your cheek at it.

You aren't separate from Nature,
you are


You are insignificant, but you are everything.
You are the reason there is life,
and you are life.

Any promise of something after is a lie.
The only true possibility is that you could die
at any time and turn up as ANYTHING at ANY TIME.

You can talk "Heaven," you can talk "Karma"



The Universe doesn't know good and bad.
If someone goes out and shoots someone
Nature isn't going to punish them in some way.
A tree isn't going to fall on them or something...

Sure, human instinct is natural,
and humans may go after that murderer.
But that is still the human mind perceiving
good and bad, black and white.

Shit just happens.
it's wild. it's scary. it's crazy.

(once you realize you are inseparable from it, it really, really, really is AMAZING!)

Karma does not exist because it's based on pre-conceived
human notions of right and wrong...


we just perceive it that way.
it's our minds taking hold again...

To believe in karma is to immediately start throwing superstitions around
like good and bad luck, etc.

It's false. It's made up.

In a balanced universe things just are.
It isn't some thinking, driving force
that's going to punish you by making you X for doing X

After all, when you were a kid were you like
"damn, I really wish I was X again, why did I have to die and be reborn. Now I'm here, 5 years old dealing with this crayon shit"


Because X is dead and you are now a crayon wielding 5 year old at it again!
You live in the moment always, even if you don't realize it, even if you are blocking it out.
It's because that's what you have to do! It's natural.
X could have been the King of an entire galaxy... but you won't remember,
once you're dead, you're dead.

Any notion of a soul is counter productive, because by it's very definition it implies some sort of goal, some sort of trip or journey.

But the journey isn't even a journey, it's a skipping around, a leap from life to life.
Not a continual endeavor by the same, determined entity

It really is that simple.

Just look around

for it to be anything but random, unconscious hopping around



What I'm trying to say is:
Everything you think you know is wrong.

Of course,
that doesn't make me right either.
I'm just another snail - remember that.

From space we are just a bunch of human beings running around
chasing this and that
and we are surrounded by millions of other species
just running around
chasing this and that.


I'm not even trying to go PETA here...
It's just fact...
we aren't any better or any worse...
we're all in the same boat... sure we're a bit smarter...
but in the grand scheme of things

There's a very high chance - no, a definite chance - that there are evolved species out in the Universe that would think we were a bunch of stupid apes...

We can think ourselves great...
but we are

Stupid Apes


Not to be a downer... but that's how it is...

Just remember there's nothing wrong with that.
Be proud to be human! You're playing the game right now,
living the life of a unique species.
Who knows when you'll be human again??

It could be a long, long time!
Dance the song!

and you can laugh at the fact
you're a dumb ape
that chases after
pukes on itself after binge drinking
dances to strange music made by other ape-like intelligence
drinks spiked root beer made by those same apes
and buys their papers and their automobiles and their collateral...

That's just part of it.
If you're reborn an ant, you'll do the ant thing for awhile...
If you're reborn a bird, you'll do the bird thing for awhile...

but *YOU* is being used abstractly here, because *YOU* will
die when *YOUR* human body dies...
but life is just one
So you were never really *YOU* anyway...
just another perspective in the big THING

I really don't want to sound too far out here...
I'm trying to be clear.
isn't supposed to conjure up images of Tim Leary or something.
I mean Tim Leary was good guy and all, but he gets a bad rap for being
too far out there.

This doesn't have to be far out stuff though.
This is reality.
The notion of *YOU* is just an illusion
and once you break it, you realize
what you come back as,
you'll dig it while you're

Right now you're a human and that's what you're concerned with.
An ant's an ant, and that's what an ant's concerned with.
An ant may not know it's an ant, but that doesn't mean it isn't conscious.
To think an ant isn't conscious is to only fool yourself
It is moving. It is making decisions. Is is reacting.
That is the very definition of being conscious.

You see people tend to look down on the rest of the living world,
but in reality, it's not that bad being, say,

If you've ever looked at images of an ant's POV
you'll see it's actually pretty cool
sure you don't get to drive SUVs
or drink lattes, but really is this so bad...
(granted ants don't have vision quite this exotically colorful and shapely,
but it's simply the idea that these little worlds of consciousness exist within our own...)

(meaning of life!)

The Universe is all about unique experiences.
So you've been an ant and will be an ant again.
Good times indeed.
Let go, surrender.
And you'll see this isn't something to be fearful
or intimidated by... it's just life...

Right before you popped out of the womb
you were probably thinking:
"What the fuck?"
but now look at you...
not so bad is it?

The mind has a funny way of making things seem worse than they are.
Just surrender your thoughts, your notions, your expectations...
and you'll see that infinity is embracing you
not pushing you away...

That is reality, fellow travelers.
If you don't believe me just check it for yourself.
I'm not lying to you. Look up at the sky,
in the grass,
on the trees.
Life is everywhere, and each bit of life
contains an "experiencer"
inside that life.

That experiencer dies entirely,
but with each day an infinite amount of new
experiencers fill the void
and life goes on.
That is reality,
it is beauty.

It's a bit intimidating,
but it's truth.

It's a bit scary, especially when you're an animal,
but it's necessary to be some sort of physical animal being.
How else would you exist?
How else would things reproduce...
it's a pretty brilliant thing really.

You have no destiny, and you have no goal.

Your goal is now. Everything you do is a goal and a destination.

If anything, looking at the universe as a vast macrocosm of
experiencers will remind you that every drop of life
is unique and beautiful,
that even the most hideous and strange things to us
carry a perspective, a tale that is unimaginable,
yet is something we can somehow relate to.

The spider has a life. It lives in webs and darkness and in strange record collections
in your uncle's basement... but that is a unique perspective nevertheless.
It is a perspective that is worth experiencing.
And you're an experiencer, so you'll find out one day... more or less.

You will be born and you will die.
But as the Grateful Dead said:
"The first days are the hardest days, don't you worry anymore"

You've already experienced birth an uncountable amount of times,
birth is the hard part, and even it isn't so bad.
Death is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - hell, nature DOES IT FOR YOU
just like...
It's just the getting over the fact you have to die part that sticks hard on your mind.

Everything you've ever loved, hated, worshipped, ignored, despised, cherished, liked, created, destroyed, passed, glimpsed at, thought of, sought, dreamed --




Because you are intrinsically linked to it all. You are a part of it and never separate.
What more could you ask for? You are a part of a giant something that only gives, gives, gives.
And you give back, even if you don't realize it.

That's the ride, that's the song.

It can be hard to fathom sometimes. It can be downright scary. But that's what it's all about
and it becomes a lot less scary and hard to fathom when you just...


Such a simple word, and yet that's the answer.
(of course this takes some getting used to,
maybe even a lifetime of practice and preparation)

When you were coming out of the womb, you had to surrender.
There was a world waiting for you out there, whether you knew it or not.
You just let it take you,
you rode out and here you are today.

You're here feeding yourself on the very thing that brought you here, Nature.

For some reason lately mankind has decided that he can master Nature...
but Nature will always have the last laugh...
and even that's the wrong perspective...
Nature's not out to get you, it's not out for the last laugh...
It just is and is you

It's such an unbelievable gift that we fight back against it sometimes.
"Fuck this, fuck that"
you might say
on a bad day.

But this is it,
and here we are.

You, me, everyone
and all the days imaginable.

To think that one day
we've ever done
will be forgotten.

Our little planet is unimaginably small in the vastness of it all...
and yet so much has happened here... so many stories, and wars, and fables...

A Neanderthal that lived millennia ago was a conscious being with hopes and aspirations.
We are him and he is us.

And today he is forgotten, as we will be someday.
But being remembered isn't the meaning of life,
the meaning of life is NOW,
it is YOU
and YOU are NOW
in this PLACE and TIME
in the UNIVERSE.

No pictures, no home videos will capture what it was really like living in a certain place and time. People age and places age, and things are forgotten. But that moment once lived is the most holy thing there is.

It is so Unique, it's impossible.
And yet the world keeps spinning...

Humans forget that we have a long way to go, and the failure to remember this is a shame.

Do people really think that there will be churches and mosques in a thousand years?
Do people really want to hold on to these old world traditions?
Like I said, the Universe is entirely malleable,
we can shape it as we wish.
We must follow its laws, but the matter it gives us is moldable.

In reality we are still just apes typing on a fairly simple tool-machine, and we have a long way to go, a lot more to accomplish and live and be.

Our generations has no obligation to inherit the mistakes that our ancestors made. They may have been gullible enough to believe in a "Heaven," but we don't have to be.
Hey, maybe they needed it way back when just to get by,
but we no longer need that today.

We can see the World and we can see the Universe and we know
the possibilities of both, so why hold on?

Does it give us security? Does it give us conviction?
We must surrender these things that were passed down to us and become
that transparent eyeball Emerson was talking about...
we must become the baby that has never heard a word, never had an impression...

We are so caught up in our mind games,
in the things we think we know for sure,
that we've forgotten that we know nothing except our will to live...
Living for living's sake.

Why do we try so hard to invent realities that are not real? Why has the hardest thing for mankind been accepting the fact it is mankind, alive and present?
In all the madness--
the moving pens, the dropping bombs, the shuffling feet, the playing music, the moving cars, the humping thighs, the ascending buildings, the shifting satellites, the simmering coffee, the chants, the claps, the praises, the screams, the laughter --

It's as though we've never just stopped and taken a genuine look at ourselves.
We're nothing but a bunch of grown toddlers who have put complete faith in a mind
that is fallible as we attempt to form a society and a world.
This mind is good for survival, and it helps us define and see our Earth. But it has also taken over, turned us into mere shadows of what we can be.

It is time we envision the Oneness we've always been. We are a part of a Universe that we barely know...
and yet we are a part ...
and deep down inside we know
that it will always be that way.

There's no heaven among the parted clouds...
that was invented by humans who were just as clueless as you and I...
Only one thing is beyond the clouds and that's
planet upon planet, start upon star,
life after life after life after life after life after life after life after life after life, and so on...

Living for living's sake.

You don't have to be a part of any religion to see that the stars shine for a reason.
They shine because they feed life, they feed all of us. That is all.
Life and only life. Life on top of life.
And maybe somewhere way out there, stars aren't even a factor... who knows how truly vast, unique, and different the Universe gets when you reach the far, far, far...
Multi-universes are considered a very real possibility by scientists.

But that doesn't matter,
we are HERE
we are NOW

... and it is where we will always be,
wherever we are.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) Rumor, "Present" Author?

There is a rumor all over the Internet that says:

"L Ron Hubbard wrote something in the 1970s that was not to be released until December 21, 2012 (when the planets are in alignment) because the world would not be ready for what it contains until then. What it says is supposed to change everything. It is called The Present, and you can read it here for free: It makes a lot of sense, and is supposed to replace the theology of Xenu that was science fiction intended to help the organization of Scientology look more like a church and help with the tax-exempt status from the IRS. "The Present" is the real truth, the hidden theological foundation."

I've always wondered who the real author of "The Present" is. Maybe this is the answer?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Christmas, Seek Truth

Will you get caught up in the commercial, pleasure seeking game this Christmas, buying loads of gifts that people do not need and expecting them to do the same for you? Will you pass along fantasies about Santa Claus and claim to celebrate Christ's birthday by believing in myths and telling nonsense stories? This Christmas, do what Jesus said to do, and seek the truth.

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on useless crap, donate to Unifying Truth Project, an organization dedicated to finding, defining, and spreading unifying truth.  Here is our Christmas message and gift to you:

A Christmas Message From Unifying Truth Project

Thursday, June 30, 2011

THIS is US and WE are NOW

"'Til Forever, on it goes. Through the circle, fast and slow. I know, it can't stop, I wonder."
-Creedence Clearwater Revival

We are the harbingers of life and life confronts us with us. But life is not what's advertised on TV. Life is not your fondest memory. Life is not what once was or what you hope will be. Life is now, for all the better and for all the worse. And when you see that all is better, when you see it all, worse becomes just another part of life, an expectation.

You will lose everything. Your family, your friends, your enemies, your belongings, your mind, your body, your memories, your recollection of any of this. But you will gain the universe, as you have before (and will again).

And the things you've tasted here in the ordinary moments, the everyday. The things you've seen, the day, shone by the sun. The things you've felt and heard but never were able, may never be able, will never be able, to fully explain. The things you've tasted here are like things you've never thought you'd know - or wouldn't know how to. But somehow you've come to know them, to understand. And you use your understanding to float in space, to live on.

Life is not a great climax. Life is not a grand crescendo. Life is consistent and eternal, but always changing - never the same, fleeting and new. Sameness breeds dullness and life is never dull. The mind can be dulled, the mind can go bored, but the world will go on.

Something deep inside of you will know of a constant wonder. Of this constant wonder. A wonder for the sake of it. The one you knew when you were born, the world you saw then. It still exists. It still begs your attention and interacts with you. Playful as it always was, always has been. Sending you signs and signals - the water drops in a morning shower, the way the sun gets in your eyes when you walk outside and know the animals and plants surround you. Still playing the game of life like the day before, and the day before that, and working towards the present.

The day before this you can recall, but that day is gone forever. A past revolution of the earth, burned off nitrogen from the sun. The sun has better things to do now. The sun has now to worry about. It loves now. Feeds it. As we feed off it. As we are and have been for a long time.

An infinite amount of memories and specific instances, glimpses, make up the collective movement that is all life. All of life is moving together, like a reflex or a push.

A fishbowl as a microcosm of the world itself. We forget this. That we're in it. We get so caught up in things - school, work, goals, ideas, ideals, hopes - past, future. And still the whole time life just slips on and we enter the (revolving circle).

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Fantasy land of false pleasures, distractions. The mind's taking you into its tornado until it runs you out, nothing left. And you flee to it - into it - go further into the funnel cloud. Are we afraid to improve ourselves? We can absorb energy. So why not use it for the good? Why not use it for harmony? Why not use it to grease the friction between us and enforce the synergy so as to become a better species?

Cooperation is our middle name. We've used it for millennia to get where we're at today. So why can't we cooperate with everyone and anywhere, all the time. Why do we pick and choose? Why get lost in our created world of nations, tribes, sides, black and white?

Being is understood as it is.
Being is understood as being is.
Being is as it is.
Being is as being is.
Relinquish the understood.

We are the beings and we know we're the beings prior to this
Prior to this awe
Prior to this bend towards relinquishing confusion
Prior to this trying to understand

Relinquish the understood.

We must envision our world now and new. We must not think that things will be resolved in the future. We have to force those resolutions today through compassion, communication, and humbleness. To Day.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."

To the Day.

Will we exist in animal darkness forever? Always afraid of our neighbor, our shadow, ourselves, us? Or will we embrace our birth and our death as one, and see the truth that surrounds us, the life that's around us?

People lived in ignorance for hundreds of thousands of years - the wrong kind of mindlessness. Now we can be mindless without being ignorant. The perfect form. A perfect storm to unite us as one.
One day oneness...
One day oneness...

No, Today!

To Day
To Day

See your birth, see your death, see every moment and movement of your life - the best, the worst, the faith, the hopelessness. All in the collective. A collective embrace. Embrace it all. It finally makes sense. Doesn't it? This is us and we are now.

THIS is US and WE are NOW

No Other Way.

You can get lost in your hopes, you can get caught in your fantasies, but still:

No Other Way.

It just keeps going on within you, without you, in you, and out of you. And before you know it more time has passed. But when you take the time away, all that's passed is past. Let it go.

All that's past has passed.

You must embrace your death. You must see how eternal life is and how temporary too. How temporary death is and how you will live again and again and again. And you too are temporary.

You were a part of past civilizations, past tribes, past generations. But now you are apart from them. They are the past. Apart from the past. A part of the now.

Apart from the past. A part of the now.

The future is an ideal, an idea. It is: goals, hopes, standards, predictions. But it is not you. You are now. Just look in the mirror.

That *you* in the mirror is not the you of ten years ago. And it will not be the you ten years from now. That you is moving dust. Earth dust. Earth dust moving and feeding off earth to move. New cells and updated tissue. Organic, actual, tangible, beautiful. Something so fantastic it's incomprehensible. Each one of us is fleeting, but eternal as the whole. Each of us representing a place and space in an event, a current that is real. The current of life as the current moment we now live in.

An event suspended and supplying itself. Timelines are irrelevant, they pinpoint made-up things.

A moist, organic, untamed earth breeds a species that can reason. Whatever a species is, whatever reason is, this is an unlikely event. In a place that is mostly darkness, sun's light spins todays. To our Today. Plants spring up proud and unafraid, though they are fragile. Animals fight for their lives as if they'll live forever. And they will. Their dying will give them life. Your dying will give you life. Seeds renew our form.

Accept the death of everything, that everything you've surrounded yourself with, the stuff you thought made *you* will fade as your senses will. Will change, as you have. And back into the circle, back into the circle. Back into the circle you never left. But you must accept your death. You must realize your death so you can realize your life.

Without a crucifixion, there can be no resurrection. Without a death, there can be no hope.

This is why the bear defends her cubs, why the mother and father put their children before themselves. Why a plant's goal is to not only live but to bear the fruit that holds its seeds. They don't anticipate the death, they know it. They know it without realizing it, without reasoning it. To them it is as imperative as life. As perfect as life.

Without the death, there can be no life.
Without the life, there can be no death.
Without the light, there can be no darkness.
Without the darkness, there can be no light.

The sun shines light onto our lives and provides it to us. But without the night, without the darkness, what is there to see?

Your mind, your thoughts, your opinions, they're blocking the sunlight of your spirit. Getting in the way and make you a definition in a universe undefinable. Your spirit does not fear death, your spirit does not fear life. Your spirit walks into the dark and into the light with the same confidence. Like a plant or as an animal. The confidence of a determined being. Built for survival. Built for life.

And you can be like the animals - the animal you are - but without all the fear and instinct. You can have control once you relinquish control. You can have it all once you realize you must give it all up. Poignant, unimaginable, inescapable, real. That you'll die, that everyone will die. That you are an animal that wants to survive. That things are unpredictable. Use your reason to balance out your life, not block the things you are afraid to realize. Balance your mind and your life.

Beings built to experience life float around somewhere on a rock in the universe.
Playing music,

Totally unaware
that the medium is the message.

Enjoy your life instead of spending all your time preparing for its end. And make it better, so that others can know the joys you've felt in this. So that the most beautiful and timeless moments of your life - in truth, all of them - can be experienced in full by others. See your life as the naked life it is. Become a spiritual being in an animal world.

Your life. You're life. You are life. You are your life. And together we are life.

It's raining, it's snowing, there's a hurricane a'blowing. And here we are, just dancing and singing and crying and laughing. Earth keeps spinning. Sun keeps passing its light to us. So that we can see. So that we may be.

We have the ability to not only survive but to survive well and prosper. All of us. Universal peace, comfort, understanding, and harmony are a possibility. Possible if we use our utilities. Transient if we don't. The earth has given us everything to find ourselves, to reconnect with it, to survive, to communicate, to empower ourselves, and power ourselves too. But this is not a given. Just as our species has worked to get *here*, it must work to get *here* moreover, and moreover again.

So much giving by earth. So much taking by us. Will we return its gratitude or continue to block its sunlight, cowering behind our flags of ideas and our animal convictions. The earth demands our humbleness. The earth demands us, itself. That we work together towards survival. That we survive and make a heaven on earth. That we recognize our condition and embrace it, so as to rise above it and become aware.

The outer is communicating to us
Or is it through us?

It's through us and to us!
And we reflect it back!

The outer
around us
is a commune
to us

By communicating with it, we reflect ourselves - it - and become a new kind of lightness. The lightness of light, of day, of life.

We understand ourselves as beings - that "beings" are a thing already understood.
We understand our life as being - that "being" is a thing already understood.

Things understood.



A thing coming into being. A thing constantly unfolding. Without our help, guidance, or oversight. We are the universe experiencing itself, reflecting it, interacting with it, and going along with it. That's called life, brother.

You will lose everything.
You will lose everything..
You will lose everything...

"You have to make horror your friend, or it will be an enemy to truly fear."
-Marlon Brando

You must embrace the fact you'll lose everything, realize there's no other way.

No Other Way = NOW = embrace = relinquishing of fear = acceptance of life = true living = NOW

There's so many distractions. So many ways to massage the mind and forget about what's really happening around you. Masses massaging their minds. People are being born and dying every minute, all over the world. Leaving and arriving, and you're one of them. And your time will come to die and be born again into this.

There's no explaining it. It just is. It's as clear as day. As clear as the world the sun's revealing to you. You just woke up into it and you can move and dance and feel it. Feel your abs absolutely ignite. You can do the tango. You can do the cha-cha. This is the big enchilada, mama, papa.

But we have to change the way we're doing things. Things can't go on like they are. People all over are sad and hopeless and it's a shame. You've seen it. I've seen it. You've felt it. I've felt it. We've all been there. Trying to hold on to things that won't hold. Points in time - people, ways of seeing the world.

We have to embrace the present, but not in that way. We have to embrace the present as an eternal thing, not as the animal situation we happen to find ourselves in right now. This will pass away. But it won't. Seeds carrying on our makeup and DNA.

We treat life as if it's just another condition, when in truth, it is the condition. You can't fix life with prescriptions, false hopes, fantasies, renditions. You have to take it as it is and realize it's not always going to be this way.

Either we're going to improve our condition, the world, our life, or we're going to go extinct. Either way things are going to go on. The sun's still going to shine. The entire human race could be wiped out, and the sun's still going to shine. It shines for life and for death, because the two are one in the same. There's alway something else out there dancing.

But who wants that? Who wants the human race to go down like that? It's taken us MILLIONS of years to reach this point. It took the earth BILLIONS of years of proper conditioning to get to this point, why sacrifice it over arguments that make no sense, over temporary feel-goods. Mind games that go nowhere except HERE... NOW... THIS. Either way it's going to happen, so why not go along with it?

Why the resistance? Why are we afraid of the life we're given?

Too much, too much... a heartbeat, lungs breathing, trembling... Life is a lot to handle, love. So we invent the some-day, the has-been. We distract ourselves with technology and fast-paced neural play.

The only way is today